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As a family business, we've diversified in order to prosper. 


Whether you're looking for Building Construction, and Bespoke House Building, Fencing, Plot Works, Servicing, Soft or Hard Landscaping, Secondhand Machinery, Plant and Operator Hire, Groundworks or Agricultural Contracting, we can help, so please get in touch. 


Robert Morgan: The Owner


I started my own fencing business in 1978, bought my first tractor, a Nuffield 465, overhauled it (as it had porous liners and poor oil pressure) and started to hire it out.  I progressed onto owning several machines including a John Deere 2130 (heap of rubbish!), a succession of Leylands and a John Deere 2130 HFWD, always managing to retail them in the local paper.  In 1980 whilst at Lanark Market trying to sell a Leyland 272 that I couldn’t retail, I met my first tractor dealers and got into the secondhand tractor market and started selling to the trade.


I bought my own farm in 1989, and have expanded into livestock production, as well as running a successful secondhand machinery sales business, and doing groundworks for many projects.


Robbie Likes: Golfing. Sleeping through films. Feeding the garden birds. 

Robbie Can: Fix most machines. Make anything into a sandwich.

Donald McDiarmid: The Manager

Donald has worked for Robbie for over 20 years, initially working on the farm, then taking over the construction side of the business and expanding it over the last 10 years.

A Jack of All Trades, Donald has excellent problem solving abilities, and has saved our clients a pretty penny over the years with his out-of-the-box thinking and farmer logic. 

Donald Likes: A challenge. Pretending his 700+ ewes are a hobby.  

Donald Can: Retain random facts and figures accurately, but cannot remember names. 

Claire McDiarmid: The Office Manager


Claire is Robbie's eldest daughter, and has been with Donald for over 20 years.


Claire has a strong administration and marketing background having worked in the NHS and commercial property management.  She has worked for the family business in one capacity or another since she was 8 years old - mainly driving tractors and working with cows.  Claire now works full time for RD Morgan, mainly in the office, but often out on the farm or on site if an extra pair of hands is needed. 


Claire Likes: Hacking her horse.  A properly made coffee.  Strong gin. 

Claire Can: Spot a lame animal at 100 paces.  Work sheep or cows with her Labradoodle. 


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